Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How quickly can you fulfil an order?”

A: Depending on the size and type of manufacturing required, we usually allow between 2 and 3 weeks to complete an order. For more information on how quickly we can supply your order, give us a call.

Q: “Do you have new curtains in stock?”

A: All of our curtains are custom designed and manufactured to your specifications, we do not stock ready-made curtains.

Q: “Do you stock the entire colour range of your listed fabrics?”

A: We stock the most commonly used colours in our fabric range. Any other colours can usually be made available within 2 to 3 weeks.

Q: “Do you service all parts of Australia?”

A: Yes. We can deliver our products and install our theatre equipment anywhere in Australia."

Q: “Are your products and services tailored only for industry venues and organisations?”

A: At Reveal, we love working with our wide range of clients including schools, amateur theatre companies and houses of worship. We are happy to offer our professional advice to assist with any projects, be they large or small.