Portable Drape Support Systems

Our Portable Drape Support Systems are lightweight and very easy to assemble with no tools required. They have a variety of uses including hanging backdrops, dividing rooms, concealing areas, creating a theatrical environment, temporary dressing rooms & a whole lot more!


Telescopic Uprights 

Small - 1m up to 1.5m in height
Medium – 2.4m up to 4m in height
Large – 2.4m up to 6m in height

Telescopic Crossbars

Small – 1m out to a 1.5m width
Large – 1.8m out to a 3m width
Extra Large – 2.5m out to a 4m width

Base Plate & Spigot Assembly

Small, Medium & Large
* Spigots are also sold individually 


Double Back Wall Hangers
Repair Ends

Drape Support System Carry Bag

Tough & durable - holds up to 10 poles